New York, New York

So much fun to be had in such a short time for this little vaca, but every second was amazing! It would be impossible to tell you every detail of our trip, but I’ll give you the SparkNotes version and share some of my favorite spots so you can try them out if you’re heading to the East Coast.

We were taken to New Jersey for a cousin’s wedding so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to stay a couple of extra days to check out the city. I had never been to New York, so this was definitely something I had been waiting for.

First off, the wedding was beautiful and such a great time. I met all of CJ’s extended family for the first time and I immediately felt right at home. We danced and ate and drank the night away- loved every second!

Jersey WeddingDancing

We also got to check out the Jersey Shore, which was great to get some beach time and just relax after a long night before. We found a great little lunch spot on the boardwalk, and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Boardwalk

We were lucky enough to spend Sunday at CJ’s Aunt and Uncle’s shore house where we got to relax outside, go on the boat, and paddle board before taking the train into NYC!


We stayed at the Marriott Marquis Times Square hotel, which was perfect for us. It was right in the middle of Times Square so it was a great central location. First stop in NYC? Pizza, obviously. We found John’s Pizza in Times Square which was only a few blocks from our hotel so we went for it. Ugh, so good. I wouldn’t hate eating that every day forever.

Times Square

The next two days were packed with tourist activities. There’s so much to see! The 9/11 memorial was first, and I’m glad we did it that way. It was great and I highly recommend it, but it is emotionally draining so we knew we didn’t want to end on it. After the memorial and the museum, we went to the top of the World Trade Center. So cool! You can see the entire city from the top, so it’s a good alternative to the Empire State Building if you only have time to do one of the two.

Next activity was the Brooklyn Bridge, so we found a place for lunch nearby in the South Street Seaport. The Hideaway was super cute with a view of the bridge and an awesome atmosphere. The food was great and service was good too. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a laid back place for drinks or a light meal.

Despite the heat and humidity, we walked across the entire bridge into Brooklyn! The views were amazing so it was definitely worth it. Incredibly bummed that we forgot to bring a lock, but we’ll get it next time.

That walk earned us a cold beer, so we found Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar to cool down for a bit. Really cute with good prices, and really close to the end of the bridge. Planning to explore Brooklyn a little more next time we’re around. I loved it!

Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar

CJ’s cousin lives in NYC, so she was nice enough to have us over to her apartment (with a rooftop!) then took us to dinner at Tao Downtown. All of it – AMAZING. We definitely over indulged, but the food and atmosphere was so great. Pretty sure we decided that we’re moving in.

Hell's Kitchen RooftopTao DowntownTao Downtown AppsTao Downtown Statue

It was a long night, so we needed a late night snack. We ran around Times Square and found Ray’s Pizza. By the way, Times Square at night is so bright that it feels like day time. It was pretty dead so it was like we had the whole place to ourselves and we ran the streets of New York! haha

We started the next day with Central Park. Gorgeous! Once you make it past the vendors hounding you to rent bikes, it’s really peaceful.

Central ParkStrawberry Field Central Park

We had lunch at McGee’s pub, which we found out was the inspiration for the bar in How I Met Your Mother. Caused some confusion for the hardcore tourists that kept coming in and taking pictures in the booths, because they have actually never filmed there. You can, however, by HIMYM t-shirts there. The food was decent, nothing to rave about, but it was a good place to get off our feet and relax for a bit before heading to the High Line.

McGee's Pub

I had actually never heard of the High Line before, but it was recommended to us by a couple of people so we decided to check it out. It’s an old train track that has since been turned in to a park and walkway filled with trees and plants. It was really cool! They also have food and drink stands with tables and benches to relax. Definitely something really unique that I wouldn’t have expected in the city.


After our Iced Coffees from a local stand at the High Line and a quick bench nap, we headed to The Tippler for a few cocktails. Such a fun underground bar that had a really classy speakeasy vibe with an awesome cocktail menu. It was right near Chelsea Market in the meat packing district which I loved.

We ended the day with a Sunset Sail Cruise through Classic Harbor Lines. This was probably my favorite activity of the trip. It had been pretty overcast the whole day, but as soon as our cruise left the sky cleared up and we had a perfect sunset. It’s a two hour cruise that takes you on the Hudson River where you get an amazing view of the skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty. It also included three rounds of drinks which was pretty perfect too. I highly recommend doing this! Such a cool way to see the city.

NYC SkylineSunset Sail CheersSunset Sail CruiseStatue of Liberty

After the cruise, we had dinner at the Mermaid Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village. Phenomenal. Maybe one of my favorite meals I’ve had, EVER. Amazing atmosphere with a super quaint Cape Cod beach vibe, incredibly fresh and delicious food- unreal. Make the effort to go here. An amazing, non-tourist spot. Try one of everything. We had two rounds of oysters, Buffalo Shrimp, Lobster Knuckles, Flat Iron Steak and they give you a small mug of chocolate mousse for dessert. Oh, and wine. We had wine. Note my purple teeth.

Mermaid Oyster BarOystersBuffalo ShrimpLobster KnucklesFlat Iron SteakMermaid Oyster Bar Wine

We couldn’t leave NY without having a piece of New York Cheesecake, so we went to Junior’s in Times Square to get a couple pieces for a night cap. Definitely a great way to end our trip. I seriously cannot wait to head back to the city. There’s still so much I haven’t seen!

What are some hidden gems in New York that I should keep in mind for our next trip?

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: For the Boys

My first #nsale package just came in the mail today! The Vigoss ‘Chelsea’ Distressed Jeans fit perfectly which is kind of amazing. I never buy jeans online because it’s super hard to judge how they’ll fit, so these are definitely a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait for the rest of my items to start coming in!

I decided to focus this post on the Men’s Deals for a couple of reasons. For one, the guys tend to get left behind in big sales like this and they want to look great too! The second reason is that if I continue to look at Women’s clothes there is a good chance that I will go bankrupt. So, because I can’t help it I’ll post a couple more things that I purchased that weren’t included in my previous round ups, then I’ll move on to the Menswear.

You can also check out my previous posts linked below if you missed some of my fave picks!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 1

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 2

Check out these super cute sweaters I got for a great deal. My fall wardrobe is going to kill it

Here                                                                                Here

My boyfriend told me to see if I could find anything for him in the Nordstrom Sale, so um, hell yes that is my dream. Here are some of the things that I picked-hope he likes ’em!

Here                         Here                          Here                          Here                           Here

Here                                                   Here                                                Here

Here                                                                              Here

Here                                                Here                                                 Here

So many good things it’s hard to narrow them down! Show this to the guys in your life if they need some ideas for their wardrobe needs.

Prices go back up on August 8th, so make sure to get your picks in before then. These things are flying out of stock! It’s open to the public now, so you don’t need a Nordstrom card to get these awesome deals. However, if you want to start earning points, you can sign up for a card here. You can also skip the card and just sign up for the reward program here.

Start Shopping

I won’t be posting next Monday because I’ll be in New York for a wedding and taking in the sights. But if you want to follow along, you can check my Snapchat or Instagram. Be prepared for a scary amount of food snaps.

Snapchat: @akadams38

Instagram: @whogivesachic

Can’t wait to share my NYC adventures when I get back! Until then, take advantage of this amazing sale! I know I have.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 2

I cracked and signed up for the Nordstrom Debit Card so I could start shopping the #nsale early. It took literally two minutes and is so worth it. If you want to do the same, you can sign up Here. Which you should, because items are going fast!

Here is what I purchased yesterday:

Here                                               Here                                                Here

Here’s my second round of picks for the Nordstrom sale. What will I add to my cart today? Help!

 Here                                   Here                                  Here                                    Here

Here                          Here                          Here                          Here                           Here

Here                                                Here                                                 Here

Here                          Here                          Here                          Here                          Here

Here                                                  Here                                                Here


How will I choose?! What are some of your favorites from the sale?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 1

I’m just a commoner that doesn’t have early access to the Nordstrom Sale. I’m really starting to rethink my life decisions. At the very least thinking about signing up for a Nordstrom card so I can start shopping! Regardless, I’ll be ready when the sale opens to the public this Friday 7/22. Here are some of the things I’ve got my eye on. My bank account is going to be so ticked.

I’ve linked all the items directly to Nordstrom’s site, so if you have early access you can get to shoppin! If not, add these items to your wish list and hit buy on 7.22. Or if you’re super ambitious, sign up for a credit or debit card Here.

               Here                                   Here                                  Here                                  Here

Here                                    Here                                  Here                                   Here

Here                         Here                                        Here                           Here                             Here

Here                                                 Here                                                 Here


Please buy these things so I can live vicariously through you. Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks throughout the week as I anxiously count down to Friday!






The American Roadtrip: Glacier National Park

If you would have asked me a couple years ago which states I wanted to visit the most, Montana probably wouldn’t have been on that list. After this trip, I would tell you it should be at the top! We road-tripped for 6 days: leaving Minnesota and going through North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota before returning home. This trip was so full of activities that I’m going to break it up into two posts: this one will focus on Glacier National Park and the second with focus on Yellowstone and the Black Hills. Hopefully it will help if you’re planning on taking a road trip of your own this summer!

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St. Paul’s Finest Dining: Dinner

I realize that starting with Dinner seems a little backwards, but it’s my favorite meal to eat out for so it made sense to me to start with sharing some of my favorite dinner spots in St. Paul. Eating is a genuinely fun activity for me, so finding places like this that bring pure joy to me isn’t something I take lightly. I am the furthest thing from a picky eater, but these are the two restaurants that I eat at very regularly and have never been disappointed!

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Dressing Room Diaries: Wedding Guest Edition

It’s wedding season! This was my first wedding of the year so of course I wanted to get a new dress (because obviously I don’t already have enough in my closet). My college girlfriend and her new hubby got married this weekend on the lake at Bayview in Excelsior, MN. It was gorgeous! Knowing this would be the setting, I was looking for something light and airy and finally found the winner at Target. Here are the other options that didn’t quite make the cut:

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Kylie Vs. Colourpop

You’ve probably heard the rumors floating around regarding the similarities between the highly demanded Kylie Lip Kits and the lesser known matte lipsticks from ColourPop.  The founders of ColourPop actually do make the Kylie Lip Kits, so this really isn’t surprising. You can even tell in the similar way they each describe their lip colors-I used their exact descriptions below for consistency. Continue reading

Getting Back To Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t want to cooperate. She can be quite fussy, but as long as you’re prepared you can handle almost anything. I was so excited to head up north for our first camping trip of the year. We tried out Temperance River State Park in Schroeder, MN with friends. While it was still fun, it rained THE. WHOLE. TIME. Until Sunday morning when we were packing up to leave and it was sunny and beautiful of course. Definitely not ideal. BUT, we brought the right gear and more or less made it out alive.

We have a big camping trip to Glacier National Park at the end of the month, so I guess this was a good time to test everything out. It all passed with flying colors, so I thought I’d share some of our camping essentials to keep you dry if you get stuck in the rain like we did! Continue reading