DIY Wall Hanging

I love quick, easy DIY projects like this fun wall hanging. It was super easy to put together and is such a unique piece to hang in your home. I’ve seen things like this all over sites like Etsy and Pinterest, so it inspired me to make my own. You’ll just need a few supplies, most of which you might already have-if not, just head to your local craft store!


Stick: You can find these out in nature…, obviously. You could use one or multiple. Make it your own! I used two sticks at different lengths for this project.

Yarn: This is where you can really personalize the project. Choose various colors, lengths, texture, thickness-go with what feels right. I used neutral colors because that’s my go-to color palette and alternated single strands and braids for more of the Boho feel. I used hemp to actually hang it on the wall.

Beads: I’m drawn to natural elements in my home décor, so I went with wooden beads. Again, choose what you like or use none at all! It’s up to you. Turquoise would be a great addition if you’re into desert vibes. You could also glam it up with metallic gold or silver or really get trendy and use rose gold colored beads.

Extras: This project is great because you can add as much or as little as you want. I added a feather to mine (which I also found outside). You could also hang dried flowers, strings of beads, eucalyptus branches-really anything you like.


Step One: Start wrapping your yarn around the branches. I folded my strands of yarn in half, wrapped around the sticks and looped the ends through. You could also tie knots around the sticks if you prefer.


Step Two: Continue adding yarn in any pattern you like. Throw in some braids to add another element of texture and start adding beads throughout. Oh, and don’t forget the wine. 🙂


Final Product: Ta-da! Continue adding yarn until you get your desired width and play around with your extra elements until you find what you like best. Once you’ve done that, hang that baby up!

What fun, DIY décor projects have you done lately? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ideas to try.


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