I Love My Boyfriends

I love boyfriend jeans. Honestly, I love anything that is loose-fitting and comfortable so this outfit is an obvious winner. There’s something about mixing the relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans with the femininity of these lace up flats that just makes me swoon. This look is so versatile that it works for any occasion. I actually wore this to work (holla for a casual dress code), but it could easily transition into a fun date night look or happy hour with the girls. Add a leather jacket and you’re set!



This tee shirt is one of my new favorite finds. I actually liked it so much that I bought it in two colors-light grey and dark grey. Super original. The material is so soft I could sleep in it and they look great with everything.

I think everyone should have a go-to tote bag. Mine is from Target and is reversible (bonus!). I can fit everything I need in it for everyday, which is probably actually more than I really need, but regardless-I’m always prepared.


If you have eyes, you’ve seen how the lace-up trend has taken over social media in all forms. These flats were much harder to get a hold of than I would like to admit, but the wait was well worth it. They are cute and comfortable, which is a top priority for me. I’ve given up on wearing heels outside of special occasions because I was finally able to admit to myself that they just aren’t for me. Some people can wear heels everyday and rock it. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. So when I can find a pair of shoes that give me a feminine, dressed up look without having to sacrifice comfort, I’m in!


I don’t typically wear jewelry. I tend to lean toward the “less is more” mentality, but if it’s dainty I’m down. This layered necklace is a really fun option to add some excitement to the look without being too obvious.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the sake of Spring, enjoy this slideshow of me trying to control my face while blowing flower petals into the air to get a cute photo. It’s harder than you would think.


Links to these items (or similar) are below.

Top: American Eagle, “Soft and Sexy” Tee here. On sale now!

Jeans: Target. Link to several styles here.

Shoes: Target. Find them here. Here is a link to other lace-up styles from DSW, but again you can find them pretty much anywhere right now.

Bag: Target. Several color options available here. Madewell also has some really great options if you’re looking for something with a little more durability.

Necklace: Evereve. I got mine as a Christmas gift, but they have a lot of cute options here!

Rings: American Eagle bargain. Such a great price!

Bracelet: Stella Valle for Target. I got a matching bracelet for my bestie-they make a great gift!

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème in Addis Ababa.

Sunnies: Rayban “Erika“.

Let me know what you think in the comments! How do you style your boyfriend jeans?


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