Kylie Vs. Colourpop

You’ve probably heard the rumors floating around regarding the similarities between the highly demanded Kylie Lip Kits and the lesser known matte lipsticks from ColourPop.  The founders of ColourPop actually do make the Kylie Lip Kits, so this really isn’t surprising. You can even tell in the similar way they each describe their lip colors-I used their exact descriptions below for consistency.

I will admit that I did get sucked in to the hype of the Kylie Lip Kit and ended up purchasing Koko K after I was finally able to beat the dreaded ‘Sold Out’ message. Later, I heard about ColourPop. Also a matte lipstick, but coming in at less than half of the cost of Kylie I thought I better give it a try. Since I now have tried both brands, I thought it would be cool to do a little comparison that might help if you’re in the market for a good, matte lip.

All Kits

First off, I have to thank my girlfriends Laura, Brooke and Jolee for letting me borrow their various shades of both Kylie and ColourPop (we’re in on this trend together). I definitely don’t own this many matte lip colors! Between all of us, we hit almost all of the most popular shades and you know, sharing is caring.


From Left to Right: Kylie 22, ColourPop Beeper, CoulourPop Teeny Tiny, ColourPop Stingraye, ColourPop Lumiere 2, Kylie Candy K, ColourPop Clueless, Kylie Koko K, ColourPop Midi, ColourPop Solow, Kylie Posie K, Kylie Heir.

Disclaimer: Applying this many lipstick shades back to back is not as fun as you might think it would be. So if you’re thinking of doing an experiment like this, I would suggest spreading it out over a few days. Your lips will thank you. Also, taking this many selfies back to back is not as fun as you might think. My neighbors may think I’m crazy now, but hey -gotta do it for the blog.

I took these photos outside in natural light and didn’t use any filters so I could try and give you the most accurate color representation possible. Keep in mind, almost all shades come out darker on your lips than they look in the tube. Just something to think about. With that said, here we go! (Hover over the photo for shade name.)

You really can’t go wrong with a matte, red lip. Kylie describes this color as a vibrant, burnt orange so if you’re looking for a more pure red, you could try Mary Jo K.

I’ve seen this color on several bloggers I follow, and I can see why. As a warm, mid-tone taupe, it looks good on everyone!

This deep, greyed out plum is definitely darker than what I would typically wear, but I don’t hate it.

This cool-toned mauve brown has a hint of purple in it, which appeals to my rebellious side.

I wore this dusty mauve pink to Beyoncé, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

One of Kylie’s most popular shades-it’s a great neutral as a soft, warm nude.

My go-to, everyday shade described as a pale, pinky nude.

The ColourPop equivalent to Kylie’s Koko K as a soft, neutral beige.

Love this summery, neutral nude pink shade.

Kylie’s pinkest shade in a dusty, mauve pink-so fun!

I was nervous about trying a metallic lip, but this is pinkish gold metallic is so subtle that I actually really like it!

The Aftermath


I think both brands are great, but if I’m really going to commit to the matte lip trend I’m gunna have to give this one to Kylie. Her product glides on smoother and dries out less. Slight perk: her packaging definitely wins the award for cuteness. Another nice thing about these lip kits is that you also get the matching lip liner. With ColourPop, you’ll purchase this separately and not all lippies have a matching lip liner. The only downside would be that Kylie Lip Kits are kind of hard to get your hands on. Be sure to follow @KylieCosmetics on Instagram to find out when they’ll be restocking!

However, if you’re skeptical about the trend or don’t wear lipstick very often, ColourPop is a great option that won’t break the bank. It’s super long-lasting and at only $6 each there’s no shame in trying out multiple shades!

A Few Tips

1.) Be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying either brand. Matte lips show everything!

2.) Apply the lip liner over your entire lip rather than just the outer lines. This will help the color stand out more and also helps it last longer.

3.) If it feels too dry, I will apply a light layer of chapstick over the lip color to help keep my lips moist.

Find Kylie Lip Kits Here and follow @KylieCosmetics on Instagram.

Find ColourPop Lippies Here and follow @ColourPopCosmetics on Instagram.

Have you tried either brand? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Kylie Vs. Colourpop

  1. kimberlyloveless says:

    I’ve tried one Colourpop lip color so far and it was alright. I think for the price, it’s pretty good. I hated that the writing on the bottle came off after a week though.
    I’m not a huge matte fan but Kylie’s products are awesome. Heir looks great on you! Actually, they all look great on you ❤


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