Dressing Room Diaries: Wedding Guest Edition

It’s wedding season! This was my first wedding of the year so of course I wanted to get a new dress (because obviously I don’t already have enough in my closet). My college girlfriend and her new hubby got married this weekend on the lake at Bayview in Excelsior, MN. It was gorgeous! Knowing this would be the setting, I was looking for something light and airy and finally found the winner at Target. Here are the other options that didn’t quite make the cut:

First stop: Forever 21

Blush Fitted Lace

I actually really like this dress and could definitely wear it for a different occasion. However, it was a little short which creates an issue for me when I’m cutting loose on the dance floor. I had to pass on this one, but I loved the feminine lace look and cutout details. Find it here. I’m wearing a Small for reference.

Floral High Neck

I’m obsessed with anything that has a high neck and floral print this season, so of course I was drawn to this dress. Very cute, but the A-Line shape isn’t the most flattering for me and it made me feel a little young, so I had to pass. I couldn’t find the exact dress online, but you can find a similar style here.

Yellow Floral Two Piece

I’ve really been wanting to try out the two-piece trend, and this was so cute I just couldn’t resist. It didn’t quite fit as nicely as I had hoped (I’m pulling the top tighter which is why my arm is in that weird position), so I had to move on. You can find the skirt (2 pieces sold separately) here and top here. I’m wearing Smalls for reference.

Floral Wrap

A few months back, I saw Sincerely Jules wearing this floral wrap dress from Revolve and I’ve been on the hunt for a similar, less expensive version ever since. This one has similarities, but still not quite what I’m looking for. Specifically, the Kimono sleeves and high leg slit. This would make a great option for a more casual situation as it definitely met my ‘light and airy’ criteria. You can find this dress here. I’m wearing a Small for reference.

Next Stop: Target

Blush Ruffle

It’s pretty clear that this Blush trend isn’t going away any time soon. I’m loving the color of this dress, but the tiered ruffles reminded me of a little girls’ dress, so this one went into the ‘No’ pile. This shape can look great on the right person though! This style wasn’t on the site, but here is a similar look.

Blush Keyhole

Again with the Blush! I actually saw this dress in a butterfly pattern first and really liked it, but didn’t really want to wear that strong of a pattern for this occasion. I kept looking around and then found the Blush version on a nearby rack! I literally clapped and said ‘Yay!’ out loud. Tried this on and it was almost perfect, there was something about the neckline that I didn’t love. I caught a glimpse of the back of the dress in the mirror and thought “Hey, that’s cute”. So I put the dress on backwards and there it was! The winner! This is a trick I do sometimes-every once in a while the backs of dresses are just too great.

Blush Keyhold Backwards

For reference, I’m wearing a Small in this photo but ended up buying the XS and it fit great. You can find it here. Other colors here and here!

I had such a good time at Katie and Matt’s wedding and am so glad I got to help them celebrate their special day!


Find these shoes here. They’re on sale now and also come in black!


Ditched them about halfway through cocktail hour. Whoops!



Always come prepared with flats. These are older, but you can find a similar style here.





Cheers to Wedding Season!

Where do you find your Wedding Guest attire? I’m always looking for cute and unique options!

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