Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 1

I’m just a commoner that doesn’t have early access to the Nordstrom Sale. I’m really starting to rethink my life decisions. At the very least thinking about signing up for a Nordstrom card so I can start shopping! Regardless, I’ll be ready when the sale opens to the public this Friday 7/22. Here are some of the things I’ve got my eye on. My bank account is going to be so ticked.

I’ve linked all the items directly to Nordstrom’s site, so if you have early access you can get to shoppin! If not, add these items to your wish list and hit buy on 7.22. Or if you’re super ambitious, sign up for a credit or debit card Here.

               Here                                   Here                                  Here                                  Here

Here                                    Here                                  Here                                   Here

Here                         Here                                        Here                           Here                             Here

Here                                                 Here                                                 Here


Please buy these things so I can live vicariously through you. Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks throughout the week as I anxiously count down to Friday!






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