Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: For the Boys

My first #nsale package just came in the mail today! The Vigoss ‘Chelsea’ Distressed Jeans fit perfectly which is kind of amazing. I never buy jeans online because it’s super hard to judge how they’ll fit, so these are definitely a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait for the rest of my items to start coming in!

I decided to focus this post on the Men’s Deals for a couple of reasons. For one, the guys tend to get left behind in big sales like this and they want to look great too! The second reason is that if I continue to look at Women’s clothes there is a good chance that I will go bankrupt. So, because I can’t help it I’ll post a couple more things that I purchased that weren’t included in my previous round ups, then I’ll move on to the Menswear.

You can also check out my previous posts linked below if you missed some of my fave picks!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 1

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 2

Check out these super cute sweaters I got for a great deal. My fall wardrobe is going to kill it

Here                                                                                Here

My boyfriend told me to see if I could find anything for him in the Nordstrom Sale, so um, hell yes that is my dream. Here are some of the things that I picked-hope he likes ’em!

Here                         Here                          Here                          Here                           Here

Here                                                   Here                                                Here

Here                                                                              Here

Here                                                Here                                                 Here

So many good things it’s hard to narrow them down! Show this to the guys in your life if they need some ideas for their wardrobe needs.

Prices go back up on August 8th, so make sure to get your picks in before then. These things are flying out of stock! It’s open to the public now, so you don’t need a Nordstrom card to get these awesome deals. However, if you want to start earning points, you can sign up for a card here. You can also skip the card and just sign up for the reward program here.

Start Shopping

I won’t be posting next Monday because I’ll be in New York for a wedding and taking in the sights. But if you want to follow along, you can check my Snapchat or Instagram. Be prepared for a scary amount of food snaps.

Snapchat: @akadams38

Instagram: @whogivesachic

Can’t wait to share my NYC adventures when I get back! Until then, take advantage of this amazing sale! I know I have.


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