About Me

I have been passionate about style for as long as I can remember. I didn’t always know  how to articulate that. If you had asked me what my passion was, I would have had no idea how to answer. It was just part of who I was and what I liked. Even at a young age, I was always chasing the new trends and trying them out before a lot of my friends. Sometimes it resulted in being teased, (denim skirts and Ugg boots, anyone?) but I never let it bother me.

I grew up in Iowa and moved to Minnesota in 2014, so I guess you could say I’m a Midwest girl at heart. However, I’m consistently looking for style inspiration throughout the world and trying to incorporate it into my own personal style. Casual/comfortable and cute is my go-to. You know, kind of a “Who Gives A Chic” attitude. See what I did there?

My hope for this blog is just to share the things that I like and maybe give some inspiration for your own style. It will be a continuous work in progress, so I am always open to ideas or feedback! For now, I post every Monday-but you can also find me on Instagram for more frequent updates.

Random Facts About Me:

1.) I am 27 years old and live in St. Paul, MN with my boyfriend, CJ. He’s the one who takes my photos. (Because I kind of forced him too.)

2.) I was born in England (Air Force Brat) and came back to the US when I was about 2, so I don’t remember any of my time there. I am still very bitter about it, just ask my parents. We moved around quite a bit until we settled in Des Moines when I was in 4th grade.

3.) I graduated from Iowa State University in 2011 with a degree in Communications Studies.

4.) I currently work in merchandising at Target Corporate in Minneapolis.

5.) I have two cats named Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

6.) I have a terminal case of Wanderlust that I’m sure can never be cured.

7.) I’ve been known to cry when I’m in an overwhelmingly beautiful location, or at a Mumford and Sons concert.

8.) I once auditioned to be on the Real World, and made it past the first round.

9.) I know a weird amount of celebrity gossip.

10.) I’m a huge bookworm and am always in “currently reading” status.

I’m super pumped to be blogging with you all!

About Me

**All posts and opinions are my own.**

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